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@VarsityFashions Instagram: Back in Black(& White) - 2/17/16

Love this look curated from @VarsityFashions? We've got details below on each of your favorites! Shop around & let us know which items you are on your wish list!

Varsity Shop Cheer Practice Wear

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1. Shop the Cheer Water Bottle - Train & stay hydrated for full-out practices using this cute & classic water bottle!

2. Shop the Black Sequin Bow - Glitz among the grit - perfect for practice AND performance

3. Shop the Black & White Cheer Twist-Back Tank - Keep cool in this loose-fitted tank, perfect for feeling powerful for a great practice or conditioning session

4. Shop the Big Dot MotionFLEX Sports Bra Top - This sports bra is sleek and comfy for the toughest of practices!

5. Shop the Big Dot MotionFLEX Short - Matching the fun sports bra top, this short is comfortable, flattering and perfectly versatile for practice.

6. Shop the The Beat Shoe - This crossover cheer or dance shoe will give you an edge, with our signature shoe style and an innovative knit technology outer layer that's breathable and molds to an athlete's foot


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February 17, 2016 Written by Caitlin Cofield

All Star Cheer Shoes: Insider's Guide

All Star Cheer Shoes

      The 2016 season is off to another amazing start and athletes across the country are training harder than ever before as you all prepare for the biggest competitions of the year. With the hours and hours that cheerleaders put in each week, there is only one accessory you wear each and every day – your shoes! Choosing the best footwear for you is a big decision, and you need a shoe that can keep up with you. Varsity shoes are created for cheerleaders by cheerleaders, so we’ve designed three incredibly innovative shoes to help you own the air in 2016. Let’s break it down style by style:

Varsity V-Force - $95.00
                Varsity introduces our dynamic new performance shoe with all new knit technology designed to mold specifically to an athlete’s foot.  This shoe features a soft, breathable, athletic style with reinforced arch and insole support. With this level of back-up, the V-Force is second to none. The hybrid outsole was designed with phylon base construction which keeps it hyper-light and ready to #owntheair. Finger placement stunt notches on the rear and sides provide extra support and stability as you showcase your technique. [SHOP HERE]

Varsity Last Pass 2.0 - $87.00
                Tumblers, meet your new favorite shoe – the name speaks for itself. The Last Pass 2.0 is the hyper-light, competition-only mat shoe with an aerodynamic design. A state-of-the-art outsole features finger-placement stunt grooves. This sleek style supports your craving to be lighter, go faster, and reach higher. This shoe’s main features include a breathable micro-fiber exterior with wrap-around leather stability band. The Varsity Comfort System combines a responsive, reinforced footbed with heel absorption pad, arch support and spring accelerant pad – amazing! The adjustable lacing system with slip-resistant bubble laces are the icing on the cake for this flawless performance shoe. [SHOP HERE]

                The VARSITY FLEX is the perfect all around shoe for both the sideline and competition. This shoe features a blend of leather, synthetic leather and sateen upper that optimizes multi-directional and aerial movements. The soft, lightweight designed outsole features our very own Varsity EAS (Energy Absorption System) in the forefoot and heel. The signature built-in rear finger notch for stunting is key for making this shoe performance-ready. The VARSITY FLEX also includes a shock-absorbing memory foam insole designed to provide arch support and comfort while performing. [SHOP HERE]

Each of these amazing shoes is also available in Youth, so browse our Youth Collection to see it all! Want to grab your pair of Varsity shoes to kickstart your 2016 season? Go to and get ready to #OWNTHEAIR. 

February 11, 2016 Written by Caitlin Cofield