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About Us

Since 1948 Varsity has been the driving force in making cheerleading the dynamic, athletic, high profile activity it is today. By combining high energy entertainment with traditional leadership, Varsity has driven the development of an international phenomenon that now not only includes millions of young Americans, but also a rapidly growing number of participants worldwide.

We remain committed to our support and promotion of leadership and spirit, including instruction and training for students and coaches, competitions, and special events. For three decades our customers have come to know the true value of Varsity lies in the things that set us apart - quality, integrity of design, personal service, and dependability.

Varsity's apparel and campwear product lines have also evolved to encompass all areas and activities involved with cheerleading and dance, from practice wear to performance uniforms as well as a full line of accessories. Our products are designed by cheerleaders for cheerleaders and provide the ultimate in performance fashion.

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