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  1. Varsity Kelly Windshort
  2. Varsity Kelly Bra Top
  3. Proud Dance Mom Cord Crew
  4. Dance Short N Sweet Crop Tee
  5. Dance Mom Camp Pullover
  6. Radiant One-Shoulder Bra in Orchid Pink
  7. Power Mesh Legging in Orchid Pink
  8. X Back Bra in Teal
  9. Power Mesh Sports Bra in Teal
  10. Power Mesh Legging in Teal
  11. Power Mesh Crop Top in Teal
  12. Essential Compression Short in Black
  13. Varsity Flowy Skirt in Teal
  14. Power Mesh Sports Bra in Black
  15. Proud Cheer Mom Cord Crew
  16. Giving Nat Champ Band Tee
  17. Cheer Mom Bling Crop Tee
  18. Cheer Mama Camp Pullover
  19. Cheer Life Cord Boxy Sweat
  20. Cheer Bus Campus Hoodie
  21. Corkcicle Jamfest 40Oz Unicorn Magic Cruiser
  22. Corkcicle Jamfest 20Oz Unicorn Kiss Canteen
  23. Corkcicle UCA 40Oz Dragonfly Cruiser
  24. Corkcicle UCA 40Oz Purple Dolphin Cruiser