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  1. Varsity Crossbody Belt Bag
  2. UCA Crossbody Belt Bag
  3. NDA Crossbody Belt Bag
  4. NCA Crossbody Belt Bag
  5. The Summit YETI Daytrip Navy Lunch Bag
  6. The Summit YETI Daytrip Charcoal Lunch Bag
  7. The Summit YETI Hopper Flip 8 Navy Soft Cooler
  8. The Summit YETI Hopper Flip 8 Charcoal Soft Cooler
  9. Glitter Everyday Bag
  10. Holographic Everyday Bag
  11. Clear Backpack
  12. Modern Nylon Backpack
  13. Mini Holographic Backpack
  14. Mini Shimmer Backpack
  15. Holographic Duffle Bag
  16. Duffle Bag
  17. Shimmer Backpack
  18. Varsity Black Glitter Backpack
  19. Marble Printed Pouch Bag
  20. Varsity Silver HoloShine Water Bottle Sling
  21. Varsity Rainbow Iridescent Water Bottle Sling
  22. Varsity Teal Quilted Tote Bag
  23. Varsity Black Quilted Tote Bag
  24. Varsity Navy HoloShine Flap Backpack