Backpacks & Travel Bags


Cheerleading is no exception when it comes to the proper bags to carry an athlete’s essential gear. Cheer bags are key to storing, organizing and transporting all your important cheer and dance items including hair bows, cheer shoes, poms, beauty gear and liquids for hydration. Whether you’re packing up for practice at school or your next Varsity competition, Varsity offers an extensive selection of cheer bags that are perfect for any need. Our best-selling Varsity belt bag, for example, is a compact, durable bag that athletes and coaches wear around their waist to ensure essential hair, makeup and health items are close by. Also a popular choice is our larger Varsity Spirit Backpack, which keeps essentials close at hand in a stylish and easily accessible manner. Additionally, we offer many other styles of backpacks, totes and bags– all proudly made by Varsity – so you can carry not only your gear, but yourself in a polished and organized manner. If you need any assistance selecting your perfect cheerleading bag (or bags!), call (800)533-8022 or email We would be happy to assist you.