Team Up 4 St. Jude & Make a Donation
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Team Up for St. Jude

This holiday season, please consider joining us as we Team Up 4 St. Jude with donations through Varsity Shop toward finding a cure against childhood cancer. Now, you can donate directly to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital at checkout. Thanks to generous donors like you, no family has to worry about whether they can afford the treatments their children need.  

Treatment costs:

Average cost of bone marrow and stem cell transplants:
• Autologous (using patient's own bone marrow or stem cells) - $177,000
• Allogeneic related matched (using donor bone marrow or stem cells) - $287,000
• Allogeneic related mismatched (using donor bone marrow or stem cells, including haploidentical transplants) - $315,000
• Allogeneic unrelated (using donor bone marrow or stem cells) - $423,116
Radiotherapy (avg. course of treatment for brain tumor patients) - $104,000 to $120,000
Major surgical procedures (physician fee) - up to $25,312
Physical therapy per hour - $516
One day of oxygen - $447
Average cost per inpatient per day - $6,143
Average cost per outpatient visit per day - $4,031
ICU daily room rate (room only) - $5,000
Platelet count test - $69
Complete blood count test - $132
Chest X-ray, one view - $320
Spinal tap (includes physician fee) - $565
Blood transfusion
• Red blood cell transfusion - $260 per unit
• Platelet transfusion - $530 per unit
• Fresh frozen plasma transfusion - $65 per unit
• Cryoprecipitate transfusion - $65 per unit
Average cost of one day of chemotherapy administered intravenously to leukemia or solid tumor patients* - $1,474
Average cost of an ultrasound study - $2,372
Average cost of CT scan - $9,694
Above-knee prosthesis* - $37,742
* estimated All costs reported by the Insurance and Purchasing departments of St. Jude