Cheer Shoes


Selecting the perfect pair of cheer shoes is one of the most important decisions cheerleaders and cheer coaches face each season. It's crucial to pick cheerleading shoes that not only compliment your uniform but also offer the shoe technology, comfort, safety, and support required for your high-impact skills and full-intensity routines.

We understand the nuances of cheer shoe performance in the ever-evolving world of cheerleading. That's why the Varsity cheer shoe experts have assembled a comprehensive line-up of shoes, mat-tested and champion-approved from the leader in cheerleading.

Since 1948, Varsity has been the leading expert and trusted source for everything cheer, and cheerleading shoes are no exception. We offer the highest quality, top-performing cheer shoes available. Our state-of-the-art cheer shoe designs are based on science, technology, and years of research and feedback from athletes and coaches like you.

From the customizable Varsity Aeros Elite to the Varsity DBL Edge 2 featuring two pairs of insoles for the perfect fit, we offer the most personalized cheer shoe for you and your team.

One of our favorites, especially if you’re a top girl or an advanced tumbler, is the lightweight Varsity Ascend Air – the lightest cheer shoe in Varsity history. For teams that attend cheer competitions, this shoe is designed for the mat with an ExoMesh exterior for that weightless feel.

If you need any assistance selecting your perfect cheer shoe, call (800)533-8022 or email We would be happy to assist you!