Posted on by Caitlin Cofield

Football season has finally arrived! Bring on a fun season of football, pep rallies and fashion. Since September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we want you to #ShowYourGold with sideline accessories. 

With normal clothes, accessories are a final splash of color or detail that bring your entire outfit together. When it comes to cheerleading, accessories are so much more – they are tools to help you get your fans engaged and energized to cheer the team on to a victory.

There are three key pieces you need – poms, megaphones and signs! Poms are perfect for showing your crowd what colors to yell proudly from the stands and when to yell. Megaphones help amplify your sound to raise the volume in the stands! Signs also help by telling your crowd when to get up on their feet or to yell your mascot or school letters along with your cheer. Your local Varsity rep can help you get the perfect custom poms, signs and megs to match your school colors and cheers.

How can you #ShowYourGold? Your school can host a Team Up For St. Jude Spirited by Varsity Game Day. Click here to get more information on how your entire school can team up for the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Ready to gear up? Shop our #ShowYourGold Varsity Shop Collection or make a donation by ordering these exclusive Never Give Up St. Jude Bows here.