Posted on by Caitlin Cofield

Step aside, competition cheer shoes! The brand new Varsity V-Force shoe which made its grand debut at NCA All Star Nationals is a game-changer for the competition mat. What's so different about this shoe? We've broken down the top 3 major reasons teams are choosing to #OwnTheAir this season:

1) This shoe is designed with cutting-edge knit fiber which keeps it light and breathable. The first of its kind, this knit shoe was created specifically for cheerleaders by cheerleaders. Battle-tested by select all star and school athletes themselves throughout the past year, this shoe is the competition shoe we've all been asking for: a shoe that keeps it light and cool and most importantly keeps itself together!

2) The V-Force is built to mold to your foot. With this innovative knit technology, this shoe will make itself the perfect fit for Y-O-U. The standout difference though is the part of the shoe you cannot see - the reinforced arch and insole support. Cheerleaders are executing elite skills at earlier and earlier ages today, and it's vital that you protect your foot as it grows. This is the shoe that can keep up with the hours of work you put in each week.

3) Just because your shoe is built tough doesn't mean it can't look sleek! This knit cheer shoe provides a slender and narrow look no matter your shoe size. With a light grey grid design and easy-to-clean knit fabric, your shoes can stay as bright as your smile all season long. The finger notches on the bottom of the shoe are icing on the cake for stunt groups to help you #owntheair with ease.

There's no doubt that there's a new boss in town - the Varsity V-Force. See, feel & know the difference yourself -  #OwnTheAir with the new V-Force, exclusively available in the Varsity Shop!