Posted on by Caitlin Cofield

Let's face it, it's hard to pick out the perfect gift for Valentine's Day for a loved one. It is double (maybe triple) times harder to pick out the perfect gift for a cheerleader. And if you're reading this now, you're clearly in a race against time to find the perfect item to surprise her.

So if the song 'Cheerleader' by Omi is your relationship song, you spend your weekends cheering on her team and if you're completely lost about what gifts to grab for your spirited sweetie, we've got the perfect last-minute guide for you! Here are three items on her must-have list in 2016:

1. A Pair of V-Forces

It's REALLY easy to find out your favorite cheerleader's shoe size. Subtly drop a comment about how different cheer shoes are than other shoes, and then ask to see their shoe to 'observe'. Then just check the size! Easiest trick in the book! The V-Force is an elite competition mat shoe, so grabbing this gift for her will show her that she deserves footwear as supportive of her dreams and goals as you are.

2. GoTo Scarf

If you're dating an All Star cheerleader, then this gift is perfection. She's a traveler, so she needs a staple trendy hooded scarf to keep her cozy on long flights to competitions and between practices at the gym. (And FYI, this fashion accessory is a steal - for only $29.95!) It's available in several different color options, so choose whichever will complement her signature look best.

3. Gunmetal Glitter Backpack

Every cheerleaders likes a little bling in their style, and this backpack is no exception. With a matte shine, she'll sparkle as she enters the room! It also is large and durable enough to carry all of her practice and competition gear.

These are our Valentine's Day Top 3, so you better get started! Best wishes!